Area Rug Cleaning Methods

Area Rug Cleaning Methods

Maintaining a rug is not simply a difficult proposition but in addition a lengthy one. It needs thorough upkeep and cleaning from time to time along with a lot of care as well. And if the rug is large it really is fairly harder. Though if you can have the ability to clean it properly at regular intervals, there won’t be any kind of serious problems in the long run.

How you can thoroughly clean, sustain and also look after your own area rug?


Vacuuming big area rugs to get rid of dust particles

  • The primary factor you can do for your large rug is to vacuum it on a regular basis. Understand that the area rug has two edges so clean both of the sides. This will clean up the remaining grit as well as grime. Please keep in mind not to vacuum the fringe of the area rug.

Get rid of pet hair

  • Typical vacuuming will clean up the dust and the dirt but most of the times it leaves traces of pet hair on the area rug, therefore make use of an appropriate brush entirely to eliminate the pet hairs.

Turn the area rug yearly

  • Standard day to day utilization like walking, jumping, sitting etc and even sunlight can lead to enormous deterioration on rugs, hence you should definitely turn them yearly two times.

Shake small area rugs

  • If perhaps the rug is little enough then roll it up, take it outside and also beat it with a broom time and again to get rid of the dust and dirt.

Special Treatment For Specific Rugs

  • There are certain special area rugs in the market that need exclusive and specific treatment. We as cleaning specialists advise you to follow these kinds of instructions to maintain your own area rug.

Woven or braided area rugs

  • You need to check the rug before and after cleaning for any breakage in stitching. Consistently verify the label to discover whether the little braided area rugs are washable. If this can be washed then put them inside a laundry bag, wash it with cold water on a mild cycle, and then clean it fully. In case your own rug is huge braided then place an old blanket under them. After wash, vacuum it totally as well as do not put it on the ground before absolutely drying it.

Antique or oriental area rugs

  • You may vacuum an oriental rug exactly like any other carpet or perhaps woolen area rug however work with special care while dealing with antique area rugs. You have to guard the area rug from vacuuming, for that place a nylon screen over it and also place weights on the corners, right now vacuum over the display. You should hand it over to the expert cleaners once each year and keep it away from direct daylight. As a precaution, while buying an antique rug, learn as much as you are able to from the seller.

Fur, sheepskin and also hair-on hides
Buy a bottle of odorless talcum powder as well as spray it on fur, sheepskin as well as hair-on hide rugs and leave the area rug that way for some hrs. Now remove the talcum powder by brushing it and shake it to eliminate the staying powder. Perform this procedure several times, determined by the size of the area rug. You additionally should thoroughly clean the back side of the area rug, hence work with a clean natural cotton towel, get it wet by using lukewarm water, and then wipe the dust. Thoroughly clean the cloth and do not locate the area rug on the floor until it really is dry.